Wild scampi, is closely related to the lobster family, it is a succulent and tender shellfish, of high value. Wild scampi are wild caught and sustainably sourced in the pristine waters of Mozambique. This species is caught in depths from 300m-650m, and frozen at sea on board HACCP and E.U certified vessels.

Wild scampi, otherwise known as Langoustines can be purchased in various forms and is available as frozen raw, with or without shell:

  • Whole raw in their frozen state
  • With the shell off, peeled and deveined tail form.
  • Ready prepared frozen tails, shell on tail form

Langoustines are a naturally bright orange colour and turn a pale orange/pink on cooking. An easy to cook versatile product. Enjoy luxury at its best!

The product caught is wild, organic, and all product is frozen on board at sea, in head-on form and transported to our processing factory Futurama 135cc.

The shore-based processing plant is where the Wild scampi is processed, Futurama is then responsible for grading all product, blast freezing the product and packaging ready for export.

If a client requires any further value adding to a product, this is then done to the clients specifications at the processing plant Futurama.