Deep water pink prawns are often distinguished and characterised by their pink coloured shell, the meat is sweet in flavour and delicate in texture.

Deep water pink prawns are wild caught and sustainably sourced.
This species is caught in depths from 200m-700m, at cool temperatures between 8-13 degree celcius, and frozen at sea on board HACCP and E.U approved vessels.

Pink prawn can be purchased in various ways and are available frozen raw in and out of their shells:

• With the shell off, peeled and deveined tail form.
• Ready prepared frozen tails, shell on tail form
• Whole raw in their frozen state

An easy to cook versatile product, that can be cooked in or out of their shell.

The product caught are wild, organic, and all product is frozen on board at sea, in head-on form and transported to our processing factory Futurama 135cc.
The shore-based processing plant is where the Pink Prawn is processed. Futurama is then responsible for grading all product, blast freezing the product and packaging ready for export.

We offer a number of value added services within the context of processing as we are able to process to our clients specifications.